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Digital Art

April 26th, 2011

Before this class I had a go-to idea of what digital art was. I automatically thought of the sort of thing on Deviantart, art that was created entirely or mostly in photoshop. While I was aware there were other kinds, that was what my mind inevitably went to. I didn’t think of the modifications and animations computer software could generate, I didn’t consider video art, I didn’t think of website building. I didn’t think of text-based removal or additions to photographs, or of works projected upon buildings. It was not that I wasn’t open to such ideas, just that my knowledge of digital art was very limited.

That is certainly something this course has corrected. Through exposure to new artists and artistic techniques I have gained a much better understanding of digital arts, and found the field to be much larger and more diverse than I could have possibly guessed before. And while I do have more knowledge than previously, I also got to experiment with my original interest: creating art in photoshop.

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