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Paul Pfeiffer

March 29th, 2011

Paul Pfeiffer is an American artist who is best known for his video art. Sound is extremely important to his work, and he edits it just as much as the actual video. Work such as Live From Neverland and The Long Count have a great deal to do with iconic pop culture icons like Michael Jackson and Muhammad Ali; in other works he references contemporary culture such as The Exorcist and The Amityville Horror.

There is something very playful about the withholding of visual information in Pfeiffer’s work, the way he’ll edit out figures or jersey numbers or other seemingly important information. The attention to detail, both in the sound and the visuals of his pieces, is precise and satisfying. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of his media available online, and most of the information I have I had to gather from second-hand reports. While artists are certainly not required to have an online presence, I found the lack of availability of his work disappointing, as I’d have really liked to see more.

Paul Pfeiffer\'s The Saints – amateur video

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